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Best Quality Earrings On Cheap Prices In Karachi, Pakistan    

Jewelry that you wear gives a magnifying look to your appearance, and with Al oman jewelry which perfectly complements the class and attitude in you makes you an extra edge over you.

Al Oman is a staple name in Pakistan for premium quality jewelry and other precious stones. Our vision and commitment to quality assurance has seen us evolve and develop by leaps.

Sophistication at its finest! The timelessly elegant Earring maker design will surprise you with great attention to detail. Rusaem offers Earrings with finest materials for its exceptional creations which will enhance the beauty of your ears.

We have a huge variety in earrings, each with different looks and designs that will suit your wish and satisfy your demand.

·         Earrings (RE001) ₨5,000

·         Earrings (RE002) ₨2,400

·         Earrings (RE003) ₨3,800

·         Earrings (RE004) ₨11,000

·         Earrings (RE005) ₨3,300

·         Earrings (RE006) ₨5,500

·         Earrings (RE007) ₨4,200

·         Earrings (RE008) ₨4,500

·         Earrings (RE009) ₨5,900

·         Earrings (RE010) ₨3,000

·         Earrings (RE012) ₨4,000

·         Earrings (RE013) ₨4,800

Each of these earrings are Designed with immense perfection that will bestow perfection to your looks

Every piece of this jewelry is ready to wear, so what are you waiting for Buy jewelry online for men and women at Al Oman. Perfect for every occasion and destined to become an icon for all women who want to stand out in terms of Women’s designer jewelry. All pieces are made in Cubic Zirconium. A jewelry brand renowned for the quality and elegance! Our belief is to provide our customer for all their jewelry needs, so they can shop all women’s jewelry they want.

Replacement catches

Chain repairs


Jewellery cleaning and polishing

Resizing of rings

Retipping claws

Replacing shanks

For more details visit our website:

Wedding Jewelry
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    Tue 13 Jun 2017
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    Best Quality Earrings On Cheap Prices In Karachi, Pakistan

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