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Video Walls / Smd Available For Rent And Purchasing Purpose     Rs.10,000.00

Digital ad's give your marketing department flexibility traditional options cannot. Everyone is familiar with traditional and digital ads like the ones in Times Square, but technology is changing the way marketers are advertising by creating video walls.

EduServ Spectrum Product Video Wall provides you with more convenience, up to the point, it is light weight and thinner than traditional panel, have wide viewing range, Tool-Free lock design, Quiet &amp economical. This series can be widely used for television studios, Stations, Airports, Stages, Grand theater Etc.

EduServ deals with quality.

Book Your order now for Rental &amp Purchasing we are available to assists your queries anytime.

“Your Ultimate Visualization System”

High Density Surface Mount Device (SMD) Indoor and Outdoor LED displays have revolutionized large scale video communications, entertainment and promotions in delivering dynamic and customized content in real-time. We provide end to end solutions, enabling our clients to integrate LED video walls in their system. Our 360° solution includes hardware, software, installation, customization, content development and support. With our sleek and elegant design, LED display is the ultimate solution for applications that deserve a touch of glamour.

Spectrum Video Wall Features

•    Ease of installation

•    Ease of service and maintenance

•    Universal video panel support

•    Scalability and versatility

•    Security and durability

•     Cloud management of content

•    Multi window Support

•    High availability

•    Interactive Viewer

•    Picture in Picture support

Condition : New


  • Location in City
    Blue Area
  • Posted Date
    Tue 18 Sep 2018
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    Video Walls / SMD Available for rent and Purchasing purpose

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